Problems and construction dimensions requirements of water p

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1. How deep should the worker slot? How many triangular valves and hoses are needed?

A: Normally, it should be 3cm deep. Respectively 6-8 pieces of triangular valves and hoses are needed for one washroom and one kitchen, and respectively 8-12 pieces needed for two washrooms and one kitchen, the technical personnel will give you the specific number of them when checking the house on site.

2. Can I connect different brands of tubes together? Is there any problem occurring?

A: Different brands of PP-R tubes have different heat capacity coefficients, so we suggest not to do like this.

3. Does 3cm slotting above mentioned indicate one or two tubes?

A: 3cm represents the slotting depth and width for one tube.

4. May I give some advices on slotting?

A: Yes, firstly the on-site personnel for checking house will draw the slotting line according to the customer's requirements, then estimate the price and make some rational proposals.

5. Can I look for other workers by myself to install?

A: The PP-R tubes has higher requirements on its installation process, thus we suggest not to install it by your own works, one of the reasons is that the quality cannot be ensured, the other reason is to avoid any dispute when problems occur.

6. What differences exist between the cold and the hot water tubes?

A: The thicknesses of them are different, thus the allowable pressures are also different, and the cold tube is 16kg, while the hot tube is 20kg. The thermal conductivity of hot water tube is 1/200 the metal tube, and the cold water tube has no thermal conductivity; the hot water tube can be loaded with cold water, but the colder water tube cannot be loaded with hot water.

7. Is the quality assurance of construction really 50 years? And does it cover any problem occurring within the 50 years?

A: The 50-year quality assurance only covers the problems of product quality or those caused by our construction.

8. Recently I want to replace the water tubes for my old house, would your company's installer come to remove my old tubes?

A: Yes, we provide tubes installation and pressure test services, and may also remove old tubes for you, with certain fees charged.

9.What is the difference among PP-R tubes, PP-R copper tubes and PP-R aluminum composite tube? Which type is suitable for household application?

A: Properties of PP-R tubes:

1.As a new type of water tube, PP-R tubes are clean, non-toxic, free of rusting and scaling, complying with the International Standards for domestic drinking water.

2.Resistant to high temperature and high pressure, heat retaining and energy saving, with small resistance, fast water flow and little noise.

3.German hot melt technology is adopted, convenient to install and reliable to connect, without any leakage forever. Under normal conditions, the service life is up to 50 years.

Properties of stable PP-R aluminum composite tubes:

1. It has good creep resistance and toughness, with a strength like metals. Small expansion coefficient without any deformation.

2. UV protective and non-oxygen-permeable with good sanitation properties.

3. More resistant to high temperature and high pressure, having a longer service life.

10. What is the highest temperature PP-R tubes can withstand? The highest pressure? And the maximum service life?

In accordance with relevant ISO standards, the class standards of PP-R tubes should meet following requirements:

Classification of operating conditions according to DIN EN ISO 15874-1

For each application class an allowable operating pressure pD of 4 bar2), 6 bar, 8 bar or 10 bar applies, depending on the application.

Application class
Calculation- temperature TD °C Service life under TD Years Tmax ℃ Service life under Tmax Years Tmal
Service life at Tmal h Typical field of application PP-R pipe system SDR 6 PP-RCT pipe system SDR 7,4
1a 60 49 80 1 95 100 Hot water supply (60°C) 10bar 10bar
2a 70 49 80 1 95 100 Hot water supply (70 °C) 8 bar 10bar
4b 20
70 2,5 100 100 heated flooring and a low-temperature radiator connection 10bar 10bar
5b 20
90 1 100 100 Connection of high-temperature radiators 6 bar 8 bar
a. Pertinent to the national regulations either application class 1 or application class 2 may be selected.
b. If there is more than one operational temperature for one application area, the corresponding service life time should be summed (for example the temperature collective for class 5 for a period of 50 years consists of:
- 20℃ 14 years
- 60℃ 25 years
- 80℃ 10 years
- 90℃ 1 years
- 100℃ 100 hours )
Column Tmal indicates the highest allowable temperature (e.g., it will be damaged when exceeding this temperature), i.e., 100℃. The service life under Tmal indicates that the maximum duration under the highest allowable temperature is 100 hours (during 50 years), and that single segment damage should not exceed 3 hours.
This norm does not apply when higher values are assigned to TD, Tmax and Tmal than those quoted on the table.

  2)1 bar=105 N/m2=0.1 MPa

11. How to inspect the installation of quality of pipes?

A: It mainly include two points:

A. Visual inspection (check the pipes arrangement for conformity)

B. Pressure test

Regardless the materials, any kind of pipe should experience a pressure test after installed, which is an important factor in judging a pipe. Because PP-R pipes are hot melting pipes, if the pressure test is generally alright, it indicates that the pipe connection is good (aside from human factors, because other types of construction will continue after pipe installation, the pipes should be protected well). Generally, the pressure of test is 8kg for half an hour.

12. Why are there some inner screw elbows unparallel or exposed out of the wall?

A: After installation of the pipes, pipes should be adjusted to be parallel to each other when sealing them with cement. The center distance of shower should be 15cm, the depth of inner screw elbows is determined by the thickness of the brick wall, avoiding the inner screw elbows from being unparallel to each other or exposed out of the walls. If not noted by bricklayers, these problems will influence the installation of sanitary fittings.

Requirements on construction dimensions:

I. Cold and hot water pipe height of counter basin: 50cm

II. Height of wall water-out basin: 95CM

III. Height of mop basin: 60-75CM

IV. Height of normal bathtub: 75CM

Center distance between cold and hot water pipes: 15CM

V. Height of massage bathtub: 15-30CM

VI. Shower height: 100-110CM

Center distance between cold and hot water pipes: 15CM

VII. Water heater (gas) height: 130-140CM

Water heater (electrical) height: 170-190CM

VIII. Height of small washing machine: 85CM

Height of normal washing machine: 105-110CM

IX. Height of toilet: 25-30CM

X. Height of squat toilet: 100-110CM

The dimensions above can be a reference to users, but it should be noted that the decorations vary among different families, thus the dimensions can be adjusted according to one's own decorating conditions.

Example: generally the cold and hot water pipe basin has a height of 50CM, but if the floor will be raised 20CM, then the height should become 70CM, others can do this in the same manner.

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