FAQ about PPR Pipes (I)

Time:2014-09-28 17:26

Q: Are the pipes and fittings made in Germany?

A: AQUA-SCIE pipes and the fittings listed in the quotation are all made in Germany.

Q: How can I estimate the length of pipes?

A: Generally, the length for one kitchen and one washroom is about 50m, and that of one kitchen and two washrooms is 70m. However, because it varies with the actual house type, the supplier will bring enough materials, and in the end user will pay according to the actual usage list.

Q: Is the installation covered in contract? How much is the installation fee?

A: For specifics on installation and pricing, please contact your local authorized dealer.

Q: Can you give me some advice on slotting?

A: Yes, first, the on-site personnel checking the house will draw the slotting line according to the customer's requirements, then estimate the price and make some proposals.

Q: Recently I wanted to replace the water pipes in my old house. Can your company's installer come to remove my old pipes?

A: Sorry, we only provide pipe installation and pressure test services, so you should hire another worker for pipe removal.

Q: Is AQUA-SCIE pipes purely imported?

A: AQUA-SCIE PP-R pipes are absolutely guarateed to be imported with original packaging from Germany, and have been certified by SKZ and DVGW.

Q: How can I verify the quality of installation?

A: It mainly include two points:

A. Visual inspection (check the pipes arrangement for conformity)

B. Pressure test

Regardless the materials, any kind of pipe should experience a pressure test after installed, which is an important factor in judging a pipe. Because PP-R pipes are hot melting pipes, if the pressure test is generally alright, it indicates that the pipe connection is good (aside from human factors, because other types of construction will continue after pipe installation, the pipes should be protected well).

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