AQUA-SCIE -- New Upgraded Products on the Market!

Time:2014-09-11 14:22

On November 14th, the authorized shop of AQUA-SCIE in Qingdao was renovated successfully. It formed a perfect combination with the Bosch Buderus solar-assisted gas system with green, environmental friendliness and energy saving taken as the core competitiveness edge, providing exclusively tailored products for villas.

On November 20th, at B&Q -- the East China market direction indicator, a large amount of consumers were attracted as soon as a full range of updated AQUA-SCIE products were presented. The supply fell short of demand.

On November 23rd, a comprehensive upgrade was provided by AQUA-SCIE in the Shanghai market. Beside B&Q, regular chains at the Homemart and the Join Buy had their full line of AQUA-SCIE products renovated. Meanwhile, upgrades were also initiated in Macalline, TF YiJiaLi, HomeValue, Jiuxing, JESHING, Cheng DA, Kelasheng and other large building materials supermarkets.

On November 25th, upgraded AQUA-SCIE products were presented in Wuxi B&Q

On December 12th, the AQUA-SCIE Dalian shop was renovated successfully.

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