Communication Conference of AQUA-SCIE Dealers in China

Time:2014-09-11 14:49

In the afternoon of January 10th, 2014, Communication Conference of AQUA-SCIE Dealers in China was held in the Suzhou Jinji Lake Kempinski Hotel. The Executive Director of KDF, Mr. Ulrich Berlage, and the Sales Director of AQUA-SCIE China, Mr. He Yisheng, as well as representatives of AQUA-SCIE dealers throughout China etc (over 60 people in total) participated in this conference.

At the very beginning of this press conference, the Executive Director of the K.D.F. Distribution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Dr. Ulrich Berlage, delivered the salutatory and thanked the long lasting support and trust of AQUA-SCIE dealers throughout the country.

And then, the Sales Director of AQUA-SCIE China, Mr. He Yisheng, delivered a speech. Through explanation, the dealers had a detailed understanding of AQUA-SCIE's new products. As one of the 3 most famous brands of imported water pipes in China, AQUA-SCIE is the only manufacturer that has its own brand of patented raw materials, and insists on authentic imports from abroad as well as only one general agency in China, which effectively ensures the prices and authentic quality of pipes. Requirements for water and heating products are ever increasing as the domestic market of water supply pipes and HVAC pipes continues to mature. We will provide a comprehensive upgrade for AQUA-SCIE PPR series and PERT pipe system. The "Alliance of the Color" concept was recommended for the first time, which distinguishes various types of pipes with four different colors: green, red, black, blue. Among them, green and red pipe systems are two mature fields of AQUA-SCIE. Products are continuously upgraded and optimized as AQUA-SCIE summaries its past advantages. However, black and blue pipe systems are two directions in which AQUA-SCIE will pour a great deal of energy to expand in the future. To this extent, AQUA-SCIE has developed into a leader of pipe technologies that exclusively provides a comprehensive multi-point arrangement for full coverage.

After the tea break came the interaction with dealers, which was a high point for the convention. The dealers from different parts of China discussed together AQUA-SCIE's future marketing activities, future development direction, and relative services KDF needs to provide. Authorization and prize awarding activities were also carried out at the spot.

Finally, the KDF AQUA-SCIE group made a pledge to be pragmatic, rigorous, efficient and sensitive in 2014. AQUA-SCIE completed its strategic transformation in 2013 and is ready to launch into 2014. The family of AQUA-SCIE will have a better tommorrow!

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