Time:2014-09-11 14:58

To Our Honored AQUA-SCIE Users:

With regard to the rumored information currently spreading on the Internet that AQUA-SCIE has been renamed "German XX" and the like, KDF Distribution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as KDF), as the legal owner of the AQUA-SCIE brand of pipe series in China, strongly condemns and reserves the right to conduct legal proceedings against the whomever posted this false information. We solemnly declare that no renaming notice about AQUA-SCIE has been published.

KDF is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Feddersen Group in Hamburg, Germany. It was registered in the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone in 1998. In the 1990s, KDF formally introduced JieShui pipes into the Chinese market and created the JieShui brand in China. It has mainly been distributing the plastic pipes and fittings for water and heating supply systems. After more than a decade of KDF's careful cultivation in the Chinese market, JieShui PP-R pipes have continually been leading the domestic high-end plastic pipes market, becoming an industry benchmark of high quality and grade in the Chinese home decoration industry. Products under this brand are used widely in various commercial and civil buildings, including shopping malls, supermarkets and integrated buildings, as well as industrial, municipal administration, watercraft and other related structures.

As a world-class high-quality plastic pipe system integrator, AQUA-SCIE ensures all its product materials come from various famous European material suppliers. AQUA-SCIE GmbH is one of KDF's numerous overseas suppliers. However, on June 30th, 2013, we terminated all commercial cooperative relationships. From that day on, a relationship no longer existed between the "AQUA-SCIE" series of products and KDF AQUA-SCIE products.

In recent years, the AQUA-SCIE brand of pipes have gradually become a well-known brand in the domestic pipes market with its excellent product quality and good brand image. Meanwhile, many infringement and counterfeit "AQUA-SCIE" products have emerged in the market, causing many consumers to be deceived, producing quite a bad impact on the market. To rectify the market order, we worked together with the top German anti-counterfeiting technology company and developed a new type of anti-counterfeiting label in August, 2012 (for the method of checking for anti-counterfeits, please visit the official website of AQUA-SCIE: ). Additionally, we provided a comprehensive upgrade for the AQUA-SCIE series of pipes in August, 2013 and meanwhile, started to use AQUA-SCIE's new logo.

A change in the visible label serves as the basis to clearly distinguish AQUA-SCIE products from competitors and counterfeits. Based on a combination of old and new elements, the remarkable AQUA-SCIE text and green color have been retained. The original green "a"-shape pattern is enriched by the full name "aqua-scie" (translated in English: water + science). The new green diamond design implies that the AQUA-SCIE brand had been integrated successfully into the core brand system of the Feddersen Group beginning in 2013 and has become a business in China with great support from the Feddersen Group. With support from the Feddersen Group, possessing more than 60 years of experience in international trade, the supply chain of AQUA-SCIE products has been unprecedentedly extended and has truly introduced European architectural concepts into modern Chinese life, allowing Chinese users to fully enjoy design and service concepts in step with Europe.

For more details, please refer to AQUA-SCIE's official website:
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