The preferred choice for home improvement pipes

Time:2014-09-11 15:02

1. The Importance of Concealed Work

More and more attention is paid to hidden work in modern home decoration, since water and electricity are not only the first step of decoration, but are also related to the success of the whole decoration work. In home decoration, water is even more important than electricity, because we have to drink water every day and cooking cannot be done without water. Water quality is directly related to our physical health. In addition, those who have suffer losses during home decoration know that once there is something wrong in the water pipe, the loss could be worth thousands of dollars and the whole work would be ruined, causing unnecessary trouble. Therefore, determining what water pipes shall be selected becomes a very important step . For many people who get involved in home renovation for the first time, their understanding of water pipes and other similar materials is limited. For this reason, the best practice is to trust big brands and believe in the products recommended and certified by authorities. At present, the mainstream product recommended by national authorities is the PPR pipe, because it is hygienic, environmentally-friendly and is the most suitable for drinking water. Still, there are so many brands of PPR pipes, which one should we choose?

2、AQUA-SCIE is the leader in the domestic industry of PPR pipes

Do you know how PPR pipes entered the Chinese market and became so widely used? PPR is a technology that was developed by Germany in 1973. It has a history of more than 30 years and is used in over 80 countries and regions in the world. The German factory, JieShui, took part in preparing DIN8077, DIN8078, ISO15874 and other PPR standards and have world-class laboratories and research institutions. In 1998, through JieShui (which is an important private brand under KDF), PP-R plastic pipes were introduced into the Chinese market, leading the rapid development of the plastic pipe industry in China. Over the past 15 years, AQUA-SCIE was dedicated to bringing imported European high-end pipe systems to users. Its PPR pipes have been leading in the domestic high-end plastic pipes market. Upholding an attitude of pragmatics, rigorousness, unity and innovation of the German production factory, AQUA-SCIE has erected a benchmark for many enterprises in the industry of plastic pipes.

3 、Unique advantages of AQUA-SCIE

Genuine original imported PPR pipe manufacturer, ambiguous words such as "imported materials" and "German technology" are used for many other products on the market, which cause consumers to be unable to distinguish them from imported genuine products. AQUA-SCIE has continually persisted in importing 100% of its original products. You can find the English words "Made in Germany" on each AQUA-SCIE pipe and fitting. The external packing carries only the English words "Made in Germany" and the corresponding German ones. There are no Chinese characters, only a product with this feature is the imported original product. This is not like some brands of products which boast of being imported originals, but have no indication of the place of origin and have Chinese wording on the external packing. Of course, we don't have just blind faith in any imported products. Not all imported products are from famous brands. The country and its industrial technology level shall also be considered. As everyone knows, German technological R&D and its industrial technology are always recognized globally to be world class. A majority of the world's top technical and industrial product brands are manufactured in Germany. So, you can have absolute trust in the quality of AQUA-SCIE and rest assured in your choice. Excellent features of PPR products:

• The manufacturing site for AQUA-SCIE PPR products is located in Gießen (60km away from Frankfurt) which lies in the middle part of Germany and is a famous machining base in Germany.

• It is the largest manufacturer of injection-molding pipes in the world and the initiator of the latest generation of PPR and PPRCT products.

• Particularly, PPRCT fiberglass composite pipes are globally patented products.

• To inhibit the aging of the plastic portion of a copper and plastic pipe, AQUA-SCIE PPR pipes adopt red copper material to effectively add to the service life of a hot and cold water pipe.

• High heat resistance, low thermal conductivity; good corrosion resistance, no impact on water quality; Firm connection of pipe fittings.

II. Answers to FAQs of customers

1. If water pipes are hidden in the wall or under the ground and cannot be seen, is it necessary to adopt the best water pipes

Water pipes are the first priority in ensuring home decoration quality. Visible materials can be easily replaced. Problems in their quality can also be found easily without causing a great loss. However, if water pipes are hidden in the wall or under the ground, a problem cannot be easily discovered and they are extremely difficult to repair. Once there is a problem, both the impact and the loss are great. Therefore, for long-term safety, high-quality water pipes should be selected.

2、Between AQUA-SCIE and similar domestic products, which has a higher cost effectiveness?

The quality of PPR pipes is reflected ultimately in the safety and the service life. In the aspects of aging resistance, pressure resistance, being environmentally-friendly among other indexes, the imported PPR material is much better than domestic materials and so is the service life. Thus, though AQUA-SCIE is slightly more expensive than other water pipes, it has a higher comprehensive cost effectiveness from the perspective of decades or even longer.

3、Are the original imported AQUA-SCIE products manufactured in Germany?

On each AQUA-SCIE water pipe and fitting as well as on the external packing, there are clear signs of the place of origin "Made in Germany". Meanwhile, the complete customs declaration of import, customs duty receipt and other documentary evidence of customs clearance formalities can be provided for each batch of cargo. We can ensure that AQUA-SCIE products are the imported products manufactured completely in Germany.

4、It is a waste to use high-grade water pipes indoors if the outdoor pipes are just normal?

Outdoor water pipes fall within municipal administration departments' and property management's realm of responsibilities. If there is any water leakage or damage, no doubt these parties would take responsibility. However, for an indoor water pipe problem, you have no alternative but to assume your own responsibility. It is relatively easy to find and repair a problem of outdoor water pipes because they are exposed. Whereas, indoor water pipes are hidden when they are laid so it is troublesome to repair them in case of a problem. As a result, good water pipes should be used indoors.

5、Among copper, stainless steel and PPR pipes, which is more superior, durable and economical?

First, copper and stainless steel pipes are made of metal whose raw materials belong to non-renewable resources. This leads to a higher price with no environmental protection. Next, the method for connecting (clamping or welding) metal pipes requires high-level installation skills, and there still exists a chance of water leakage. What's more, copper pipes require high water quality. If the pH value of water is below standard, chemical reactions will take place and release copper ions into water, which is adverse to human health. This, the use of copper pipes is prohibited by law in some regions of Germany. Also, PPR pipes have a higher thermal insulation capacity than metal pipes without the need of a thermal insulation layer. The price of the raw material is relatively low. Installation can be done easily. As long as a PPR pipe meets the standard for the installation pressure test, no problems should occur in the future use. Raw materials and the finished AQUA-SCIE PPR pipe products all pass the environmental protection test and have no adverse impact on human health. Therefore, considering the price, durability, installation and usage, PPR pipes represent the mainstream products of the future and are the most suitable for home decoration.

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