Method of identifying anti-counterfeit label of AQUA-SCIE

Time:2014-09-11 15:19

Dear users of AQUA-SCIE,

In order to further protect consumer rights and interests, and improving their ability to identify and distinguish fakes, In 2012, K.D.Feddersen International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and a world-class anti-counterfeit technology provider jointly developed a new anti-counterfeit label. The new anti-counterfeit label was first used on AQUA-SCIE PP-R pipes beginning on January 1, 2013 (as shown in following figure). In the future, anti-counterfeit labels will be taken as one of the important measures to identifying a real or a fake.

The new anti-counterfeit label is composed mainly of three parts:

Part One: a unique optical changing image

The unique optical changing image is the core part of this label, using world-class anti-counterfeit technology. Recognizing special effects of seven characters allow consumers to identify the true products more clearly and conveniently.

1. Constant gray-scale: specific 'a' type trademark presents a brighter gray scale when viewed from most angles, showing high brand recognition.

2. Colorful holograph: specific 'a' type trademark has a variable colorful structure along the outer edge line and content line, which appear as having rich colors when viewed from a typical angle, but will change into bright blue-green when tilted sharply.

3. Small gray matte word: the small word 'AQUA-SCIE' located at the specified position has a gray matte structure, the font height being about 0.35mm.

4. Shifting colors: the word 'K.D.Feddersen' is structured with different colors, which will present a shifting color effect from different angles.

5. Professional lens embossing effect: the water drop uses a special diffraction structure, through which it appears as if a drop is extruding from the plane, thus showing off a unique 3D image effect. It embodies the original purposes of this brand: to provide users with cleaner, healthier and more comfortable products.

6. 3D lens effect: the wave pattern is designed with a 3D lens effect, showing a bright light beam focusing on a certain virtual point and diffusing. Under a bright spotlight, light beams will be revived to spectral colors. It gives off the impression that the pipeline industry is related to water.

7. Mirror surface structure: a mirror surface structure is used, which presents relatively dark colors from most of angles.

Part Two: Chinese official website of AQUA-SCIE -- Verification code query

Please visit the official website of AQUA-SCIE, and click on "Anti-counterfeit Query" button under the navigation bar. In the verification code query entry box, type in the 10-digit verification code on the label, and click the 'Query' button, and it will be verified at once. When one code is used several times, the system will promptly alert the user that this verification number has already been used. This is one of the effective measures for preventing the anti-counterfeit label from being used repeatedly. Additionally, all AQUA-SCIE dealers in China are published on the website, so users may purchase authentic AQUA-SCIE pipes through these sources.

Part Three: Check the trademark logo

The 'AQUA-SCIE' pattern is a registered trademark at the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China, under the protection of the Trademark Law. Authentic anti-counterfeit labels are made by professional printers, with good quality paper, fine and beautiful printing, clear patterns, bright colors and high brightness. Fake labels are not made with legal printers, and are normally made with bad paper, poor print gloss, impure pattern colors, irregular layout, etc.

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