Exhibition of Promotion for Multiple New Pipe Systems

Time:2014-09-11 15:26

Held on September 25-27th, 2013, the 2013 Shanghai International Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Urban Construction Equipment and Technology Exhibition took place in the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. This exhibition was hosted jointly by the Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongzhuang Taige'er Co., Ltd, Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd and Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Corporation to tailor the first platform in the heat supply market of South China. The exhibition was held in an area of up to 8,000m2, with 164 enterprises from 13 countries and regions participating, attracting 8,326 visitors over the three days. 11 enterprises were invited by the host to form a European exhibition group and participate in the exhibition. As a leader in the field of pipes, AQUA-SCIE also participated in the exhibition. PP-R, PP-RCT, heating pipe series, centralized control system, heating and ventilation pipe system, HDPE pipe series and many other new types of products were promoted in the exhibition. New products gained attention from industrial insiders who consulted with AQUA-SCIE about them..

As a partner of AQUA-SCIE PP-R pipes, Baenninger is the biggest injection moulding pipe manufacturer of the world, providing all sizes of PP-R pipes from 20mm to 630mm, and is the founder of the newest generation of PP-R upgraded products PP-RCT (which have been listed into Din8077, 8078, and will be listed into National Standards of China GB). Furthermore, PP-RCT fiberglass composite pipes are patented products. The copper material from the copper-plastic pipes is made of pure copper with a special process, different from those of other manufacturers, better supressing the aging of the plastic portion, thereby increasing its reliability. PP-RCT fiberglass composite pipes can be connected to aluminum-plastic pipes and standard PPR pipes made of different materials by means of thermal bonding, thereby improving the application flexibility of products. The PP-R and PP-RCT series green pipeline systems, with a core concept of health, are manufactured in the little town of Giessen (60km away from Frankfort), which is located in the middle of Germany and is a famous mechanical processing base of Germany.

The year 2013 was a time of strategy transformation for AQUA-SCIE, which was an important milestone for the 15-year successful development of AQUA-SCIE in China. This year, AQUA-SCIE re-designed its logo---unifying under the German Feddersen Group with the diamond-shaped sail and aqua-scie (aqueous and scientific) logo, better illustrating the concept of the AQUA-SCIE brand. At the same time, a full upgrade was made to its PP-R series and PE-RT series pipeline systems. First, it promoted the concept 'Alliance of the color', which differentiates pipes by four colors of green, red, black and blue. Different colors represent different core products, i.e., green (healthy), red (comfortable), blue (energy-saving) and black (environmentally-friendly) series pipes. At present, product quality and production level have exceeded all other PPR pipe manufacturers. Ensuring excellent quality and durability, the green, healthy and environmentally-friendly PPR pipes meet the standards of various countries for a vast array of users.

Company Profile:

Since 1998, JieShui, as one of the important brands of the K.D.Feddersen group, mainly provides the plastic pipes and accessories for water and heat supply. As an one-stop pipeline provider, all sub-brands of AQUA-SCIE originate from leading European material suppliers, and their products are extensively used in shopping malls, large supermarkets, comprehensive buildings, other commercial and civil buildings, as well as used in relation to industry, municipal administration, ships and so on. We provide millions of Chinese families with high-quality products, technology and services, as well as our user-centered international brand value and the world's leading pipeline solutions. We are dedicated to introducing green, healthy, comfortable, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products positioning, and the scientific, cultural and fashionable life ideas into modern Chinese life, allowing Chinese users to enjoy the design concepts, being environmentally consciousness while experiencing the perfect quality of European industry.

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