the AQUA-SCIE Dealers Symposium of New Product Arrivals

Time:2014-09-11 15:31

On September 24, 2013 in the afternoon, the famous pipeline brand AQUA-SCIE held the National Dealers Symposium of New Product Arrivals at the Shanghai Hengshan Picardie Hotel. More than 40 people attended this event, including Deputy General Manager Panxin, Sales Director He Yisheng from AQUA-SCIE China of K.D.Feddersen group, the lawyer Ma Yongjian, and other national dealers in China. This event is another dealers' convention since the AQUA-SCIE China National Dealers Convention and Strategic Transformation Conference that took place in August. The AQUA-SCIE brand has been developed for 15 years in China, fully upgraded the original PP-R series and PE-RT series pipes, launched the new product LK heated flooring pipes, BR PP-RCT, and more. AQUA-SCIE re-designed its logo---unifying under the German Feddersen Group with the diamond-shaped sail and aqua-scie (aqueous and scientific) logo, better illustrating the concept of the AQUA-SCIE brand.

As a German one-stop pipeline provider, AQUA-SCIE does not only provide millions of Chinese families with high-quality products, technologies and services, but also focus on promoting the user-centered international brand value and the world's leading pipeline solutions. AQUA-SCIE has world-class production lines and advanced applications. AQUA-SCIE's green pipeline system is integrated into the water supply system. We take 'Health' as the core competitiveness of products, and the water supply pipelines suitable for ordinary residential users ensure the health of household water.

In this conference, the Sales Director Mr. He Yisheng of AQUA-SCIE China made an analysis report on the new products with other guests on site. Good products plus superior management leads to high-quality comprehensive services provided by AQUA-SCIE for customers. In the marketing aspect, we will increase the pace and invest in print ads, including magazine ads, improve the degree to which we have brand exposure, add some reports via the Internet, and support dealers on the matters of product promotion. Also, we opened our WeChat platform, and the overall shop will be renewed accordingly.

Company Profile:

Since 1998, JieShui, as one of the important brands of the K.D.Feddersen group, mainly provides the plastic pipes and accessories for water and heat supply. As an one-stop pipeline provider, all sub-brands of AQUA-SCIE originate from leading European material suppliers, and their products are extensively used in shopping malls, large supermarkets, comprehensive buildings, other commercial and civil buildings, as well as used in relation to industry, municipal administration, ships and so on. We provide millions of Chinese families with high-quality products, technology and services, as well as our user-centered international brand value and the world's leading pipeline solutions. We are dedicated to introducing green, healthy, comfortable, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products positioning, and the scientific, cultural and fashionable life ideas into modern Chinese life, allowing Chinese users to enjoy the design concepts, being environmentally consciousness while experiencing the perfect quality of European industry.

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