Genuine AQUA-SCIE Defeated Counterfeit "AQUA-SCIE"!

Time:2014-09-11 15:46

AQUA-SCIE PP-R pipes and the AQUA-SCIE heated flooring system under the K.D.F. Distribution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. are a globally famous brand. AQUA-SCIE has achieved a high awareness and market share, becoming one of leading brands of imported products in the pipes industry.

In the second half of 2009, the accuser (i.e. the KDF company), found the accused (i.e. the Yunuo company) give publicity on its PPR pipes and fittings, website of www.dgjes.com and in various publicity materials in the name of the accuser (i.e. the KDF company) and do the Baidu search promotion through auction-based sequencing with the malicious use of "AQUA-SCIE". This infringes the KDF company's right to the exclusive use of a registered trademark.

After more than 2 years’ deliberations, the final adjudication was recently determined by the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People's Court on the dispute of unfair competition between imported original AQUA-SCIE PPR pipes from Germany in the accusation by the K.D.F. Distribution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. against the AQUA-SCIE Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. (registered in Hong Kong). The Shanghai Yunuo Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. KDF won the lawsuit, which means that the genuine AQUA-SCIE has defeated the counterfeit "AQUA-SCIE"! The lawsuit was listed among the Shanghai classic cases of brand rights defense. As a famous German brand cultivated meticulously by the KDF company for 15 years, AQUA-SCIE will be stolen and shaken by nobody. AQUA-SCIE -- the fire burns high when everybody adds "pipes" to it! Who can compete with this?

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