Guaranteed Pure German Import Without Renaming AQUA-SCIE

Time:2014-09-11 15:48

In the afternoon of October 30th, 2013, an AQUA-SCIE press conference was held at the Wuxi Wanda Sheraton Hotel. Senior managers of the K.D.F. Distribution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Mr. Fan Wangji, the general manager of the Wuxi Xianchuang Water and Electricity Equipment Co., Ltd., general managers of various large decoration companies in Wuxi, and journalists from various major mass media attended the press conference.

Before the press conference was held, the sales director, Mr. He Yisheng, was surrounded by journalists from various major media agencies as soon as he appeared, answering various questions raised by journalists.

At the press conference, Dr. Ulrich Berlage, the executive director of the K.D.F. Distribution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., delivered a welcoming speech and thanked Mr. Fan Wangji for his participation.

At the press conference, the sales director of AQUA-SCIE China, He Yisheng, mentioned that the market positioning of AQUA-SCIE was "the integrator of high-end resources and a supplier of excellent services". AQUA-SCIE was developing successfully in China for 15 years, and began using a new logo -- a diamond sail logo with the German text aqua-scie (water + science) under the Feddersen Group. And a comprehensive upgrade was provided for original pipe systems. From then on, besides original PPR water supply pipes imported from Germany, customers could also purchase, on AQUA-SCIE's one-stop purchasing platform, a full range of the highest quality products from Germany and other European countries, including a ground source heat pump and other related plastic pipe products.

The lawyer Ma Yongjian also issued a statement on the spot: AQUA-SCIE has never been renamed and the cooperation with the original OEM has been terminated. Any publicity and sale activities of the original OEM in China must not be carried out using the new and old AQUA-SCIE logos. AQUA-SCIE has changed the general agency in Wuxi to the Wuxi Xianchuang Water and Electricity Equipment Co., Ltd. which is also the only general agency in Wuxi.

Dr. Ulrich Berlage and Mr. Fan Wangji signed the agreement of cooperation.

At the final step, the product application engineer Zhang Zhenni demonstrated how to install AQUA-SCIE PPR pipes in a way that various standards are followed without the generation of any peculiar smell in water pipes in the whole process of installation, which is visible to all.

With the new logo and unchangeable commitment, AQUA-SCIE brings customers one-stop purchase services and more complete products. Through the press conference, we hope to provide the European brand with better quality for many customers so that they can further experience and feel the best services and enjoyment from the European high-end brand.

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