Lawyer Statement on "AQUA-SCIE Is Nerver Renamed"

Time:2014-09-11 15:52

The KDF company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Feddersen Group in Hamburg, Germany. Since 1999, KDF has been selling PPR water supply pipes, pipe fittings and heating systems imported from Germany in Mainland China. In 2002, the KDF company obtained the registered trademark Jieshui, whose period of validity will not expire until 2022.

After more than a decade of KDF's careful cultivation, the JieShui brand of products has achieved a heightened awareness and reputation. It is generally called AQUA-SCIE. AQUA-SCIE PP-R pipes continually lead the domestic high-end plastic pipes market, having become an industry benchmark of high quality and grade in the Chinese house decoration industry.

As a world class high-quality plastic pipe system integrator, the KDF company ensures that the materials of all its products come from well-respected suppliers of materials in Germany and other countries in Europe. We provided a comprehensive upgrade for JieShui PPR and PERT pipe series. Besides original PP-R water supply pipes imported from Germany, customers could also purchase, on the one-step purchase platform of AQUA-SCIE, a full range of the highest quality products from Germany and other European countries, including the ground source heating pump, municipal administration, watercraft and other covered plastic pipes and their derivative products.

The AQUA-SCIE brand has been integrated successfully into the core brand system of the Feddersen Group since 2013 and has become one of the businesses in China supported strongly by the Feddersen Group. Since August, 2013, the KDF company has started to use the following AQUA-SCIE logo:

The KDF company values the brand of AQUA-SCIE and puts forth every effort to eliminate any behavior of seeking malicious connections with the brand of AQUA-SCIE or the intent to solicit a free ride of the brand of AQUA-SCIE. The KDF company will preserve notarized evidence of and authorize me to initiate legal proceedings against any act in violation of regulations, including the mark of "AQUA-SCIE in the Past" in any products, advertisements, leaflets and media and website articles as well as the issue of false advertisements in which it is declared that AQUA-SCIE has been renamed German XX or anything else with a similar or same meaning.

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