2014 AQUA-SCIE East China Intercommunication Meeting

Time:2014-09-11 16:08

At 1:30 in the afternoon of June 12th, 2014, the 2014 AQUA-SCIE East China Intercommunication Meeting was held by the recognized leading brand of pipes, AQUA-SCIE, in the Nanjing Mingfa International Hotel. The authorized general agency of AQUA-SCIE in Nanjing, the Nanjing Gold High Building Materials Co., Ltd. provided assistance in holding the meeting. Mr. He Yisheng, the sales director of AQUA-SCIE China, representing HOUSE365.com, a professional Nanjing house decoration website, and representatives of over 20 distributors of AQUA-SCIE through China participated in the meeting. Among them, 9 distributors participated in this video meeting.

AQUA-SCIE has always been dedicated to both the hydraulic and the thermal energy areas, persisting in the international brand value of always putting users at its core. It also provides global leading pipeline solutions, and has introduced the green, healthy, comfortable, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving life concepts into modern Chinese life. With the rapid development of science and technology, AQUA-SCIE constantly adapts to market demands, so as to develop new technology and products. Through decades of accumulation and precipitation, AQUA-SCIE has made outstanding contributions in many fields. During the 15 years since entering the Chinese market, AQUA-SCIE has adhered to its attitude of excellence and innovation, leading the rapid development of the plastic pipeline industry in China.

As the general agency of AQUA-SCIE in Nanjing, the Nanjing Gold High Building Materials Co., Ltd. exclusively sponsored the 11th AQUA-SCIE Cup Decoration Diary Competition held by HOUSE365.com, which is the most influential professional house decoration website in Nanjing. Decoration Diary Competition has been held 10 times by HOUSE365.com. We believe that it will be even more outstanding this year.

In regard to the manufacturer on the Internet that provides counterfeit "AQUA-SCIE" products and uses the AQUA-SCIE brand to give marketing advertisement, KDF will assist distributors in fighting against false advertisement on the Internet.

Distributors from various locations also shared their own sales experiences and communicated with each other excitedly on site. It's believed that AQUA-SCIE will have a bright future.

Company Profile:

Since 1998, JieShui, as one of the important brands of the K.D.Feddersen group, mainly provides the plastic pipes and accessories for water and heat supply. As an one-stop pipeline provider, all sub-brands of AQUA-SCIE originate from leading European material suppliers, and their products are extensively used in shopping malls, large supermarkets, comprehensive buildings, other commercial and civil buildings, as well as used in relation to industry, municipal administration, ships and so on. We provide millions of Chinese families with high-quality products, technology and services, as well as our user-centered international brand value and the world's leading pipeline solutions. We are dedicated to introducing green, healthy, comfortable, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products positioning, and the scientific, cultural and fashionable life ideas into modern Chinese life, allowing Chinese users to enjoy the design concepts, being environmentally consciousness while experiencing the perfect quality of European industry.

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