Actual Scenes of New AQUA-SCIE Shops in Various Locations

Time:2014-09-12 13:51

As one of the 3 most famous brands of imported water pipes in China, AQUA-SCIE is the only manufacturer that has its own brand of patented raw materials, and insists on authentic imports from abroad as well as only one general agency in China, which effectively ensures the prices and authentic quality of pipes.

AQUA-SCIE has been in the Chinese market for 15 years. It is always at the high end of the pipes industry, which cannot be achieved without the long-lasting support and trust of AQUA-SCIE distributors throughout the country.

In 2014, as the number of distributors at various places is increasing and the marketing advertisement is enhanced, it is believed that AQUA-SCIE will have another 10 and 15 years with an excellent prospective.

AQUA-SCIE Dalian Exclusive Shop No.2 Branch Shop

Actual Scene of AQUA-SCIE Ningbo Exclusive Shop

Actual Scene of AQUA-SCIE Shaoxing Exclusive Shop

AQUA-SCIE Jiangyin Exclusive Shop

AQUA-SCIE Suzhou Industrial Park Macalline Exclusive Shop and Suzhou B&Q Exclusive Shop

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