Wieland Heat Transfer Technology Co., Ltd. (Wieland) works

Time:2014-09-12 13:56

Germany Wieland Heat Transfer Technology Co., Ltd. is a magnate in the industry of efficient heating pipes, manufacturer of air conditioning host machines and a premium supplier of heat exchangers. It works with its strategic partner of innovation, AQUA-SCIE. PPRCT16-90 pipes are used to connect the pipes of a test bench of the falling film evaporated lithium bromide absorption type.

Wieland works with Aqua-scie. The technical director of Wieland expects that more innovative products of AQUA-SCIE can be used for benchmark testing.

As a professional manufacturer of pipes, AQUA-SCIE works with world-famous suppliers of raw materials to research and develop jointly the new generation of patented PP-RCT raw materials.Insisting on local production in Germany, in strict accordance with German requirements for drinking water with no addition of recovered scraps. AQUA-SCIE products have no toxicity, peculiar smell, or heavy metal pollution. They are safe and reliable and are designed to have a service life of 50 years. They can replace various types of metal pipes and be used as the water pipes for HVAC systems, especially air conditioning systems.

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