Nanjing HOUSE365 Decoration Diary Competition Started Formal

Time:2014-09-12 14:06

In the afternoon of May 12th, the event communication meeting of the 11th "AQUA-SCIE Cup" Decoration Diary Competition was opened grandly at the 6th floor of the Jiangsu Provincial Construction Building. The executive director of AQUA-SCIE production factory in Germany, Christoph Stamm, sales director of AQUA-SCIE China, Mr. He Yisheng, general manger of AQUA-SCIE in Nanjing, Mr. Zhangbo, general manager of the HOUSE365.com Nanjing Home Channel, Mr. Gui Xueshan, chief inspector of the HOUSE365.com Nanjing Home Channel, Ms. Wang Yan et al. attended the communication meeting.

The first speech was delivered by the general manager of the HOUSE365.com Nanjing home channel, Mr. Gui Xueshan. He welcomed the arrival of leaders from the headquarters of AQUA-SCIE in Germany and likewise expressed appreciation for the care and support of the headquarters of AQUA-SCIE in Germany and the AQUA-SCIE Nanjing Subsidiary for the HOUSE365 Decoration Diary Competition. He also indicated that the HOUSE365.com Nanjing Home Channel would spare no effort to assure that the competition flow smoothly and expressed his fervent hope that the activity would be successful. (From the HOUSE365.com)

On May 18th, the House365 Decoration Diary Competition was launched in Nanjing -- AQUA-SCIE was awarded throughout the whole spectacular event and was sponsored enthusiastically by AQUA-SCIE's partner in Nanjing, the Nanjing Gold High Building Materials Co., Ltd.

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