AQUA-SC participated in the ISH China & Heating Exhibiti

Time:2014-09-12 14:08

ISH China & CIHE -- From May 13-15, 2014, the China (Beijing) International Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Sanitary Equipment and Urban Construction Equipment and Technology Exhibition was held in grand fashion in the Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall). For this annual top event of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, building water supply and drainage in Asia, AQUA-SCIE, a leading brand in the industry of high-end pipes, participated in this acclaimed meeting with the theme of "Tasteful Life from AQUA-SCIE".

This year's exhibition scale made a new record. The total exhibition area was as large as 85,000m2, covering 6 exhibition halls, assembling nearly 10,000 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions, and attracting the presence of 40,000 professional participants from home and abroad.

On the morning of May 13th, the opening ceremony of "Tasteful Life from AQUA-SCIE" was held at the AQUA-SCIE booth. When two professional violinists played the opening song "Jubilation" at the spot, many professional participants were attracted and stopped to appreciate it. Afterwards, the sales director of AQUA-SCIE China, Mr. He Yisheng, delivered a speech, reflecting sufficient confidence in the development of AQUA-SCIE. After the speech, the opening ceremony reached its climax. Mr. Ulrich Berlage, the executive director of the K.D.F. Distribution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., together with other 6 leaders did an ice sculpture toast ceremony, toasting for the great future of AQUA-SCIE.

The AQUA-SCIE booth had a boat body model. The sail boat model implied that on the basis of more than a decade of profound accumulation, AQUA-SCIE was making adjustments and undertaking updates to adapt itself to the constantly changing Chinese market by providing better brand products and services.

Compared to the ISH heat supply exhibitions before, the 2014 AQUA-SCIE booth was significantly different. The exhibition area was increased and products were more diversified, showing that AQUA-SCIE has developed into a leader of pipe technologies with a comprehensive full coverage of pipeline technology. PP-R, PP-RCT, heating pipe series, centralized control system, heating and ventilation pipe system, HDPE pipe series and many other new types of products were promoted in the exhibition, gaining attention from Industrial insiders who discussed their features with AQUA-SCIE

As a partner of AQUA-SCIE in the field of pipes, Baenninger is the largest manufacturer of injection molding pipes in the world. PP-R pipes with a diameter between 20mm and 630mm can be provided. Particularly, PP-RCT fiberglass composite pipes are globally patented products. Specially processed red copper was selected for copper and plastic pipes. Unlike other manufacturers, we can improve reliability by inhibiting the plastic part from aging more effectively.

2014 is an important year for AQUA-SCIE to successfully transform itself based on the past 15 years of smooth development. AQUA-SCIE re-designed its logo---unifying under the German Feddersen Group with the diamond-shaped sail and aqua-scie (aqueous and scientific) logo, better illustrating the concept of the AQUA-SCIE brand. At the same time, a full upgrade was made to its PP-R series and PE-RT series pipeline systems. First, it promoted the concept 'Alliance of the color', which differentiates pipes by four colors of green, red, black and blue. Different colors represent different core products, i.e., green (healthy), red (comfortable), blue (energy-saving) and black (environmentally-friendly) series pipes.

Company Profile:

Since 1998, JieShui, as one of the important brands of the K.D.Feddersen group, mainly provides the plastic pipes and accessories for water and heat supply. As an one-stop pipeline provider, all sub-brands of AQUA-SCIE originate from leading European material suppliers, and their products are extensively used in shopping malls, large supermarkets, comprehensive buildings, other commercial and civil buildings, as well as used in relation to industry, municipal administration, ships and so on. We provide millions of Chinese families with high-quality products, technology and services, as well as our user-centered international brand value and the world's leading pipeline solutions. We are dedicated to introducing green, healthy, comfortable, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products positioning, and the scientific, cultural and fashionable life ideas into modern Chinese life, allowing Chinese users to enjoy the design concepts, being environmentally consciousness while experiencing the perfect quality of European industry.

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