Tasteful Life from AQUA-SCIE

Time:2014-09-12 14:15

At 14:00 on May 15th, 2014, AQUA-SCIE held the 2014 Dealers Convention with the theme "Tasteful Life from AQUA-SCIE" in the Langham Place Beijing Capital Airport. The K.D.F. Distribution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. executive director Mr. Ulrich Berlage and Vice-general Manager Mr. Pan Xin, the AQUA-SCIE China Sales Director Mr. He Yisheng, representatives of AQUA-SCIE's global strategic partners as well as representatives of more than 40 AQUA-SCIE's distribution in China (over 70 people in total) participated in this conference.

At the beginning of this conference, the executive director of the K.D.F. Distribution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Mr. Ulrich Berlage delivered a speech. He said that since the AQUA-SCIE brand was integrated successfully into the core brand system of the Feddersen Group in 2013, it has become one of the businesses in China greatly supported by the Feddersen Group. With the support from the Feddersen Group possessing more than 60 years of experience in the international trade, the supply chain of AQUA-SCIE products was extended in an unprecedented way. Through the excellent product quality and import from Germany with original packing as the core guarantee, good public praise was created for AQUA-SCIE. Mr. Ulrich Berlage expressed his most sincere thanks to those suppliers, business partners and colleagues committed to this cause and believed firmly that AQUA-SCIE would continue its success.

And then, the sale director of AQUA-SCIE China, Mr. He Yisheng reviewed the marketing activities of AQUA-SCIE in 2013 and casted his vision for the future in 2014.

Afterwards, representatives of AQUA-SCIE's global strategic partners actively went onto the stage and gave a speech one after another.

During the conference, based on the contribution of the Dealers through China to AQUA-SCIE, prizes were awarded to them. Additionally, old and new Dealers from different parts of China were invited to share their own sales experience. The conference reached a high point.

In the process of continuous product optimization, centering closely and starting with the core of "Green, Health, Comfort, Environmental Friendliness, Energy Saving", AQUA-SCIE optimizes suppliers, adjusts global strategic purchase and OEM partners. Besides original PP-R water pipes imported from Germany, customers could also purchase, on the one-stop purchase platform of AQUA-SCIE, a full range of high-end products from Europe, including plastic pipes and their derivatives products for engineering, heating and ventilation, ground source heat pump.

To create opportunities for Chinese users to enjoy fully the design concept, environmental friendliness awareness and service system at the same pace with Europe, AQUA-SCIE will continue to advance vigorously with this mission!

It is reported that, after 15 years of successful development in the Chinese market, AQUA-SCIE made a significant adjustment on brand strategy in August, 2013 by changing the brand logo of AQUA-SCIE for pipe business into the diamond sail logo with the German text aqua-scie (water + science) under the Feddersen Group, the parent company in Germany.

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