Lawyer’s Statement on “Use of AQUR-SCIE Brand Logo”

Time:2014-09-12 14:20

Considering the existence of fake AQUA-SCIE Brands in the current markets, KDF Distribution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as KDF), the trademark right holder, authorizes Mr. Ma Yongjian, a lawyer from Shanghai United Law Firm, to make serious statements as follows:

The above combination of graphic and word is the sole legal brand logo of AQUA-SCIE.

AQUA-SCIE or other similar combination is not the AQUA-SCIE trademark, which has nothing to do with AQUA-SCIE trademark.

KDF Company is the wholly-owned subsidiary in China of Feddersen Group of Hamburg, Germany, which has been selling within Chinese territory PPR water supply conduits and materials and heat system imported from Germany since 1999. In 2002, KDF Company obtained “JieShui” registered trademark with effective period extended up to the year of 2022.

After a decade of operation and effort of KDF Company, “AQUA-SCIE” products win a high popularity and reputation, which are collectively called “AQUA-SCIE”. PP-R conduit materials of AQUA-SCIE are always the leader of domestic high-end markets of plastic conduits, which makes the company industrial benchmark of high-quality and high-grade domestic decoration in China.

As a world-class high-quality plastic conduit system integrator, KDF Company has all its products sourced from well-known material suppliers of Germany and other European countries. With comprehensive product upgrading for the former PP-R conduit product line and PE-RT conduit system, supply chain of AQUA-SCIE products has got developed unprecedentedly. In addition to PP-R water supply conduits imported from Germany with the original packaging, customers can purchase at the one-stop AQUA-SCIE platform all-range plastic conduits and derivative products with best-quality in Germany and other European countries covering engineering, heating and ventilation, ground source heat bump, municipal engineering, ship building and other sectors.

AQUA-SCIE brand was successfully integrated into the core brand system of German Feddersen Group in 2013 and grows into a business developed in China with great support from the Group. KDF Company commenced to use “AQUA-SCIE” logo in August 2013 (as pictured below):

KDF Company treasures AQUA-SCIE brand and is determined to put an end to viciously playing up to AQUA-SCIE brand or taking its advantage. It will take measures to notarize and preserve evidence and entrust lawyers to institute lawsuits against any illegal conducts such as indication of “original AQUA-SCIE”, “former AQUA-SCIE” on any products, advertisements, brochures and flyers and in any media, website articles or illegal announcement that “AQUA-SCIE” has been changed its name into “German XX” or other the same or similar false advertisement.

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