2014 AQUA-SCIE Qingdao Communication Meeting

Time:2014-09-26 16:28

At 1:30 in the afternoon of August 8th, 2014, the 2014 AQUA-SCIE Qingdao Intercommunication Conference was held by the recognized leading brand of pipes, AQUA-SCIE, in the Qingdao Debao Garden Hotel. The authorized general agency of AQUA-SCIE in Qingdao, the Qingdao Yingxintai Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd. assisted in putting on the conference. Mr. He YiSheng, the Sales Director of AQUA-SCIE China, Mr. Liu Pixi, the General Manager of the Qingdao Yingxintai Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd. and representatives of AQUA-SCIE distributors through China (over 40 people in total) participated in this conference.

At the beginning of the conference, the General Manager of the Qingdao Yingxintai Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd. delivered a passionate speech.

Since 1998, when JieShui first entered the Chinese market, AQUA-SCIE has developed into a comprehensive leader in pipe technology covering many facets of the industry in the past 15 years. Throughout the process of continuous product optimization, centering closely on its core of "Healthy, Comfortable, Environmentally-friendly, Energy Saving", AQUA-SCIE optimizes suppliers, adjusts global strategic purchase and OEM partners. Besides original PPR water pipes imported from Germany, customers could also purchase, on AQUA-SCIE's one-stop purchasing platform, a full range of high-end products from Europe, including plastic pipes and their derivative products for engineering, heating and ventilation, ground source heat pump.

At this conference, Mr. He Yisheng, the Sales Director of AQUA-SCIE China shared the AQUA-SCIE Marketing Positioning Plan in the Second Half of 2014 with the distributors from various cities. AQUA-SCIE successfully completed strategic transformation from last year to this year. We will provide a comprehensive upgrade for AQUA-SCIE PP-R series and PE-RT pipe system. The "Alliance of the Color" concept was recommended for the first time, which distinguishes various types of pipes with four different colors: green, red, black, & blue. Among them, the green and red pipe systems are two developed fields of AQUA-SCIE. However, the black and blue pipe systems are two directions in which AQUA-SCIE will pour a great deal of energy to expand in the future.

As one of the 3 most famous brands of imported water pipes in China, AQUA-SCIE is the only manufacturer that has its own brand of patented raw materials, and insists on authentic imports from abroad. It is also the only general agency in China, so it can effectively ensure the prices and authentic quality of its pipes. Requirements for water and heating products are ever increasing as the domestic market of water supply pipes and HVAC pipes continues to develop.

Through 37 years of expansion and moving forward, constant adaption to market requirements, and product development technology keeping pace with the times, AQUA-SCIE has won great success and an authoritative leader in the global pipe industry. An increasing number of people throughout the world use AQUA-SCIE pipes in their homes. We are extremely proud of our users' high opinions which has been our catalyst in unwavering refinement of our product.

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